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MSCA Doctoral Networks 2024

27 Nov 2024

MSCA Doctoral Networks will implement doctoral programmes, by partnerships of universities, research institutions and research infrastructures, businesses including SMEs, and other socio-economic actors from different countries across Europe and beyond.

MSCA Doctoral Networks are indeed open to the participation of organisations from third countries, in view of fostering strategic international partnerships for the training and exchange of researchers.

These doctoral programmes will respond to well-identified needs in various R&I areas, expose the researchers to the academic and non-academic sectors, and offer training in research-related, as well as transferable skills and competences relevant for innovation and long-term employability (e.g. entrepreneurship, commercialisation of results, Intellectual Property Rights, communication).

Proposals for doctoral networks can reflect existing or planned research partnerships among the participating organisations.

The selection procedure for doctoral candidates must be open, transparent and merit-based, in line with the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The vacancy notice (to be widely advertised internationally, including on the EURAXESS website) must include the gross salary (not including employer’s social contributions) offered to the researcher.

MSCA Doctoral Networks are encouraged to lead to Industrial or Joint Doctorates.

Indicative timeline

  • 29 May 2024: Launch of the call for proposals
  • 27 November 2024: Deadline for submitting proposals
  • April 2025: Notification of call results to applicants (TBC)
  • July 2025: Grant agreement signature for successful projects (TBC)
  • August 2025: First EU-funded projects start (TBC)

Indicative budget

EUR 608.60 million

How to apply

Learn about the next steps to apply for funding under this call

For full details of this call, visit the call page on the EU Funding & Tenders portal

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Published:  6 Dec 2022