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Published:  1 Mar 2024

MSCA Staff Exchanges 2023 call receives 233 proposals

The call will fund collaborative research projects and support groundbreaking research through international staff exchanges.

The third call of the MSCA-funded Staff Exchanges scheme under Horizon Europe closed on 28 February 2024.

The European Research Executive Agency received 233 proposals. Applicants requested a total budget close to €252.89 million.

Through this call, the European Union is expected to fund between 70 and 90 projects with an indicative budget of around €78.5 million.

Proposals submitted include the participation of 1,844 different organisations in 121 countries, out of which 39% are non-academic organisations.

Proposals are coordinated by organisations in 30 countries, with participation from 

  • Italy: 45 proposals     
  • Spain: 27
  • Turkiyë: 22
  • Greece: 20
  • Poland: 15
  • United Kingdom: 14
  • Portugal: 11
  • Ireland: 9
  • France: 8
  • Germany and Romania: 7 each
  • Cyprus: 5
  • Czechia, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine: 4 each
  • Latvia and Lithuania: 3 each
  • Albania, Austria, Finland, Georgia, Norway and Sweden: 2 each
  • Armenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia and Hungary: 1 each

Supporting collaborative projects through exchanges

The Staff Exchanges scheme funds short-term international and inter-sectoral exchanges of staff members involved in research and innovation activities of participating organisations.

The aim is to develop sustainable collaborative projects between different organisations from the academic and non-academic sectors (in particular small and medium-sized enterprises) from around the world.

Exchanged staff benefit from new knowledge, skills and career development perspectives, while participating organisations increase their research and innovation capacities.

Indicative timeline

Published:  1 Mar 2024