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Published:  23 Feb 2023

European Commission announces support for 124 researchers who fled the war through MSCA4Ukraine

PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers will carry out their projects in 21 countries whilst maintaining links with their research communities in Ukraine.

Flags of EU and Ukraine with MSCA logo

The European Commission has announced that the MSCA4Ukraine fellowship scheme, part of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, will support 124 displaced researchers from Ukraine.

13 doctoral candidates and 111 postdoctoral researchers will continue their important work in academia, businesses, research centres and public institutions based in the EU and countries associated to Horizon Europe.

Funded researchers will be based in 21 different countries, and mostly in

  • Germany: 26
  • Czech Republic: 17
  • France: 14
  • Spain: 9
  • Belgium: 8
  • The Netherlands: 7
  • Poland: 6
  • Sweden: 6
  • other countries: 31

The scheme will allow organisations to host these researchers for a period between eight months and two years, with most fellows awarded two-year fellowships.

When conditions permit, the scheme will also enable selected researchers to re-establish themselves in Ukraine to help rebuild and safeguard the country’s research and innovation capacity. Available support will allow them to maintain links with their research and innovation communities, carry out research placements and develop new projects.

Projects in all disciplines

Selected researchers will work on top-notch projects spanning all scientific disciplines:

  • Life sciences: 25.8%
  • Social sciences and humanities: 21.8%
  • Chemistry: 17.7%
  • Physics: 11.3%
  • Engineering and ICT: 10.5%
  • Economy: 5.7%
  • Mathematics: 4%
  • Environment and Geosciences: 3.2%

A full breakdown of the shortlisted projects, including their scope, organisations and countries involved is available on the MSCA4Ukraine’s website.

The scheme will also promote career development opportunities and training activities for selected researchers, focusing on developing research-related and key transferable skills and competences.

As in the main MSCA actions, the scheme will provide family allowances to help selected researchers with family responsibilities and a special needs allowance to support those with disabilities and facilitate their participation in the scheme.

On MSCA4Ukraine

The European Commission initiative is dedicated to support researchers from Ukraine.

First started in September 2022, MSCA4Ukraine is part of the EU's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the need for action to support displaced researchers from Ukraine and enable them to continue their work in the EU, helping to safeguard Ukraine's research and innovation system, and the freedom of scientific research at large.

The initiative, run in the context of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, is implemented by an experienced consortium supporting researchers at risk.

It is composed of Scholars at Risk Europe (hosted at Maynooth University, Ireland), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, and the European University Association. These organisations are also involved in the MSCA-funded project in support of researchers at risk InspirEurope+.

Published:  23 Feb 2023