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Published:  6 Sep 2022

New guide exploring opportunities arising from synergies between MSCA and the EIT

Interested in applying for MSCA funding? You might not know the programme’s synergies with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). A new publication explains the programmes’ connections and potential benefits.

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Common goals

Both the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) bring together a wide range of groups from higher education, research, business, industry and other non-academic sectors. 

Both programmes notably work on

  • fostering research and innovation in Europe through cooperation between higher education, research, and non-academic sectors
  • equipping research and entrepreneurial talents with the knowledge and skills to match future labour market needs, to innovate and to create products and services for economic and social benefit

Common benefits

A new guide for organisations or individuals involved in either programme illustrates how their project could benefit from the activities of other projects and innovation communities, or inspire a spinoff project in the other programme.

For example, a partner organisation in an EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community could apply for MSCA funding to develop a postdoctoral programme, thereby bringing state-of-the-art innovation training while at the same time developing partners beyond the Knowledge and Innovation Community network.

The many other possibilities include

  • short staff or student mobility involving  Knowledge and Innovation Community’s partner organisations under MSCA Staff Exchanges
  • MSCA researchers being seconded to an organisation within a Knowledge and Innovation Community’s network
  • organisations already working on MSCA projects taking part with EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community partners in the HEI Initiative (Innovation capacity building for higher education institutions)

Learn about all the opportunities

Read the guide below to explore the full potential of the synergies between MSCA and EIT!

Published:  6 Sep 2022