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Published:  17 Apr 2023

New MSCA call will maximise research impact and links with EU policies

This new ‘Feedback to Policy’ call will award a maximum of €2 million. The deadline to apply is 6 June 2023.

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The latest Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) call aims to explore stronger thematic links between MSCA projects, raise the visibility of their contribution to key EU policy priorities and gather feedback from research institutions and other involved parties to maximise the programme's impact.

Expected outcomes

Successful applicants will be expected to

  • explore and assess the impact of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects results in relation to thematic and cross-cutting priorities of the European Research Area and the EU Missions
  • assess how much MSCA projects achieve two of the core horizontal policy objectives of the programme: the development of researchers’ training, skills and career and the related promotion of inter-sectoral collaboration
  • strengthen links between the MSCA and other relevant EU-funded initiatives and programmes linked to the above policy priorities
  • build new relationships among MSCA beneficiaries, researchers and policymakers so that research results and contribution to policy developments are more relevant
  • provide recommendations on how to strengthen the policy impact of the MSCA
  • map areas and types of intervention for possible similar future actions that will support a broader policy feedback process

Deadline and award

The call for proposals will close on 6 June 2023 and will award a maximum of €2 million.

Evaluation process and policy context

Potential applicants are invited to refer to the MSCA Work Programme and watch a briefing about the call.


More details, timeline, and how to apply


Published:  17 Apr 2023