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Published:  5 Mar 2021

Survey finds high levels of satisfaction among MSCA fellows

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) have just published the findings of the End of Fellowship Evaluation Questionnaire. This large-scale survey, sent to all MSCA fellows after their fellowship, first launched in October 2017.

Large-scale survey

Over 28,000 people who have concluded their fellowships under Horizon 2020 were invited to complete the survey. A total of 13,728 responses were received by end of January 2021, a response rate of almost 50%. The survey captures feedback on key aspects such as integration within the host institution or the fellowship’s impact on skills development, career and employability. 

High levels of satisfaction

The results show that most MSCA fellows surveyed are very satisfied with over 92% of respondents saying that their expectations have been fulfilled. In additon, the survey found that

  • nearly 95% of Individual Fellowship (IF) fellows expressed satisfaction
  • nearly 93% of Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) researchers expressed satisfaction
  • 83% of those surveyed gave a positive assessment of supervision
  • on the other hand, 4.7% of fellows rated supervision as poor and 9.4% rated it fair. Supervision is one of the areas that needs improvement
  • 75% said MSCA fellowship helped them find a job while 85% said it boosted their employability
  • from 7.7% of COFUND fellows to 33% of RISE researchers, the numbers going on secondments outside academia or collaborating with non-academic partners were substantial
  • fellows report skills' improvements in areas such as research knowledge, the ability to build international and/or intersectoral partnerships and quality of scientific output

The survey suggests some areas of concern which are addressed by innovations within the new MSCA programme under Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe is the new EU framework programme for research and innovation. 

Follow the link to download a file with the full results of the survey from the EU Publications Office.

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This article was updated on 11/03/2021 with additional facts & figures.

Published:  5 Mar 2021