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Build the Circular Economy

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About Circular Families

The Circular Families card game is a fun way to teach people how they can help the world by transitioning to a Circular Economy.

The game introduces people to certain production and consumption practises necessary for a circular economy.

By playing the game, players will discover the rules of engagement for the transition to a circular economy. The Circular Families game educates people about changes in everyday production and consumption practises.

By changing behaviours, people take an active role in reducing the ecological impact of cities on the environment. This also promotes benefits for society and the economy.

Sustainable, affordable, environmental benefits are the basis of the circular economy.

About the Circular Families Game

You will need

  • Playing Cards
  • Letter cards
  • Citizen Profile cards
  • Instructions

How to play

Game contents

The game is for 2-6 players. The game is composed of a specially printed deck of 52 cards. The card deck is arranged in 13 families. Also included in the game contents are

  • Two joker cards
  • 10 letter cards
  • 7 citizen-type ID cards
  • Instructions for card making
  • Playing instructions


The aim of the game is to collect four members of the same family to build a circular family.

Learn how to play the Circular Families game


There are 13 circular families which are divided into five urban sectors:

  1. Building
  2. Product
  3. Food
  4. Green infrastructure
  5. Mobility

Each family is composed of four members, and each member has to use a social innovation strategy to implement one of the circular actions.

Social innovation strategies are deployed in an attempt to build a circular loop in the urban sector. Social innovation strategies include

  1. Take
  2. Make
  3. Use
  4. Recover

Each playing card contains the

  • name of the circular family
  • family member highlighted with the implemented social innovation strategy
  • action applied by the family member to implement a circular loop
  • other family members
  • citizen-type to which the member belongs
  • urban sector of implementation

Getting started

Download and print out the DIY cards & play brochure of the game.

Print and assemble the cards (see instructions card).

There are 2 variations of the game to play (see rules cards)

  1. Circular Happy Families
  2. Circular Loopy Families

After playing, select your preferred strategy on the play cards and identify the relevant citizen-type on the related card.

Consult the included Citizen-ID Flyer to discover features of your citizen-type on the related citizen-ID card.

Information for teachers

  • Activity duration: 30 minutes
  • Recommended group size: 2 to 6 players
  • Recommended location: Anywhere
  • Preparation by teacher needed: Yes
  • Additional materials needed: No, the game and Citizen ID flyer can be printed and cut to play the game.