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Spacebound: The lost astronomer

Join our online learning adventure to rescue a lost astronomer!

floating astronaut on alien planet entering spacetime portal light

In 2022, the European Commission launched its competition Expertiment for the Classroom. This competition asked teachers from across Europe to team up with leading researchers funded through the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions and co-create learning material based on cutting-edge research. Over 500 researchers and teachers took part, and more than 100 excellent proposals were submitted to our international jury. 

After long deliberations, the jury selected the three best proposals. Spacebound: the lost astronomer was one of them. We hope you enjoy this creative and simply wonderful activity for your classroom.

Spacebound: the lost astronomer 

A legendary astronomer is lost among the stars, and we need your pupils’ help to find them!

Join secondary teacher Dalia Kager and MSCA scientist Dr Alex Marinšek, for a series of experiments to unearth clues to help bring our lost astronomer home safely.

Ready for the challenge? 

Then take a look at the instructional video below and don't forget to check out the teachers' guide, student file and clue cards below the video.

We hope you enjoy this creative and simply wonderful activity for your classroom.

Instructional video by Dalia Kager and Dr Alex Marinšek

This video will help you get started and hopefully safely return the lost astronomer. 

You can download this video from our Audiovisual portal.

Spacebound: The lost astronomer - materials